Want to invest but don’t understand about the stock market


My blog is dedicated to investors, providing some insights about investing in the stock market.

I also present you with my own portfolio model that you can access here.

The Intelligent Investor portfolio is a custom-made portfolio, accounting for my risk tolerance and my financial goals.

Since I started my portfolio, The Intellingent Investor Portfolio, I never had a negative performance.

I use the Modern Portfolio Theory and Investment Analysis (mean-variance analysis) to achieve the proportion-weighted combination of the constituent asset’s, but with the condition to go long only (no short sales).

Currently and since inception date (February 29th 2016) my portfolio’s performance is 26,65%, with a standard deviation of 13,26% and a Sharpe ratio of 1,383.

Here are some of my portfolio’s component’s performance:

To learn more, check The Intelligent Investor Portfolio report.

Keep calm and invest.

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António Ramos

Financial Analyst

(CEFA holder)


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