The best way to start a blog

I started this blog very recently, as a hobby, but with a clear purpose:

Encourage financial education and debate around this issue, and in the process, learn more and do some networking.

In my modest opinion, the appropriate space for this discussion should start in schools, preparing young people for the world, allowing them to better manage their personal finances (including credits and savings).

But where to start? I don’t understand about programming or anything related to code… I would need to pay for a domain and a user friendly platform!

I found that wordpress would be more suitable, but I also thought that the cost was a bit high for a starter.

After a little bit more of research, I realized that bluehost domain comes with wordpress for free, at a very acceptable cost.

If you ever thought about starting a blog, I highly recommend you Bluehost, just follow this link below and in a few minutes you will have you website online!

For sure, the best way to start your blog, or even your an online store.

I hope you enjoy and participate.


António Ramos

Financial Analyst (CEFA holder)

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