Intelligent Investor Portfolio model – USA version

The Intelligent Investor portfolio is a custom-made portfolio, accounting for my risk tolerance and my financial goals.

The overall strategy is simple, I search for the market’s return, using Exchange traded funds (ETF’s) that replicate market index (like the S&P 500). It is my believe that, in average, an in-depth research will is only useful if you are investing billions, otherwise you will spend much more on research than you receive extra from the market. Since an Index is already diversified by sectors & industries, I also look for ETF’s from other regions to diversify my portfolio more.

Please note that for Intelligent Investor portfolio domestic currency is USD.

Portfolio inception date is March 10th 2017 and I use a passive management strategy (Buy and hold), applying the modern portfolio theory (mean-variance analysis) to achieve the proportion-weighted combination of the constituent asset’s.

Portfolio is rebalanced once a year, with dividends reinvested.

Since inception until December 29th 2017, the Intelligent Investor Portfolio presents a 13,60% return (excludes taxes and commissions and includes dividends).

The Intelligent Investor Portfolio report has an overview chapter, description, composition and risk analysis.

For more information, check Intelligent Investor Portfolio Report.

Keep calm and invest.

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António Ramos

Financial Analyst

(CEFA holder)

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