Intelligent Investor Portfolio model – EUR

In my previous post, I mention I would make available a portfolio model, for information purpose (not investment advice).

I will assume that you have read my “10 rules before investing” post and that you are ready to invest long term.

I called this model the “Intelligent Investor Portfolio – European version”, and I refer as European because the domestic currency is EUR.

Currency is relevant because you must consider it in your portfolio asset, estimate it’s return and the overall standard deviation with foreign currency before you apply the modern portfolio theory (mean-variance analysis) to achieve the proportion-weighted combination of the constituent asset’s.

Inception date is February 29th 2016 and I use a passive management strategy (Buy and hold). Portfolio is rebalanced once a year, with dividends reinvested.

I use ACWI ETF as my benchmark proxy, which is an ETF that seeks to track the investment results of an index composed of large and mid-capitalization developed and emerging market equities.

Since inception, Intelligent Investor Portfolio presents a 28,22% return (excludes taxes and commissions and includes dividends) and a standard deviation of 18,00%.

The Intelligent Investor Portfolio report has an overview chapter, description, composition & performance and risk analysis.

For more information, check Intelligent Investor Portfolio Report.

Keep calm and invest.

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António Ramos

Financial Analyst

(CEFA holder)

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